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October 24, 2019

Everyone is different, and pregnancy is never the same from one individual to the next. When fertility or pregnancy complications occur, one may begin to consider surrogacy. For some, pregnancy presents a number of complications:


The issue of infertility has given way to a number of revolutionary techniques and medical solutions for becoming pregnant. However, for some, undergoing endless reproductive treatments can prove to be mentally and physically exhausting. When that happens, surrogacy might be a good option to consider. 


October 18, 2019

When choosing a surrogacy agency, it’s important to pick an agency that you feel best fits with your outlook and lifestyle, whatever that may be. As an LGBTQ+ individual, your experience of surrogacy, like any other important decision-making process, should be informed by those who know the intimate details of the process and what you will go through.

As the surrogacy industry develops, it has become more common than ever for LGBTQ+ couples to add to their families with the process of gestational surrogacy. Of course, the process for LGBTQ+ coup...

October 16, 2019

1) Please summarize your surrogacy journey thus far. 

I started my first surrogacy journey in June 2016, matched with an IP from China in October 2016, transferred two embryos in March 2017, then delivered twin boys in November 2017. I matched for my second journey in March 2018, but that match fell through in April, then I rematch with an amazing couple from Israel in August 2018. We transferred two embryos in December 2018, then just delivered a baby girl in August 2019. 

2) Where are you in your surrogacy journey?

I recently completed my s...

October 10, 2019

1) What do you do at AFS?

What do you love most about your position?  

I get to participate in all parts of a surrogates journey, from beginning to end by helping a potential surrogate with the intake process, and once the journey is complete I help tie up all the loose ends. I love ALL parts of my job, but knowing that I have a part in creating families is very rewarding. I also love helping surrogates reach their goal, I loved my journey and being able to help another woman complete theirs is so fulfilling. 

2) Where were you born and raised? W...

October 4, 2019

1) Please summarize your surrogacy journey thus far.

My journey has been amazing! From the approval process, to matching with intended parents all the way through contracts, medication cycle, pregnancy, delivery and afterwards. 

2) Where are you in your surrogacy journey?
My first Surrogacy journey is over. My belly buddies turned 1 years old in September. We keep in touch still with weekly updates. I definitely made new family for life. I am in the contract phase in my second journey, hoping to carry twins again!

3) Tell us a little about yoursel...

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Team Member Spotlight: Elana

April 15, 2020

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