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April 10, 2019

Your commitment to helping intended parents build a family is generous and heroic. Gestational surrogacy is a life-changing experience for everyone involved. As a gestational surrogate, you will be helping someone unable to safely carry a pregnancy to term; such as couples who have struggled with infertility, medical conditions, or same-sex couples and single parents.

If you’re ready to start this journey, you should know what it means to become a surrogate and the steps involved.

Choosing the right surrogacy agency

You need to be fully informed t...

March 27, 2019

Learn about the screening process, benefits of working with surrogacy professionals, surrogacy laws and responsibilities of surrogates.

February 28, 2017

It has taken me awhile to decide what I wanted to say about my transfer experience, and I think that is because the experience was so quick and easy, but also emotional and long anticipated.

In the days and hours leading up to the transfer, I felt full of nervousness and excitement. I was always a little worried that something would go wrong and the whole thing would be called off. My husband could testify that I was a little bit grumpy as a result.

Luckily nothing catastrophic happened, and we dropped the kids off with a sitter and sat in the w...

May 26, 2016

Working Parents’ Lawyer featured All Families Surrogacy’s Director and Founder Carey Flamer-Powell as a gestational surrogacy expert on their May 16 podcast.

The episode, called "Considering Building a Family But Not Sure Where to Start?", covers surrogacy topics from both a personal and legal perspective. In the interview, Carey shares what inspired her to start All Families Surrogacy, provides feedback on explaining surrogacy to young children, and explores some of the common legal questions brought up by surrogates and intended parents.


April 8, 2016

This week, we asked Whitney what brought her to surrogacy and to share a few words of wisdom about her journey thus far.

1) What made you decide to become a surrogate?

A few years ago my close friend was attempting to get pregnant through assisted reproduction. Before I watched her go through this experience, I was naive to the challenges and struggles the LGBTQ community faces to create something that happened so easily for me...a family.  I knew I had to do whatever I could to help, and being a gestational surrogate was an easy conclusion. It h...

February 26, 2016

Occasionally, we like to feature a spotlight on one of our awesome AFS team members. This week, we are featuring our Surrogate Intake Coordinator, Tawni Boedeker.

What do you do at AFS and what do you love most about your position?

I recently became the Surrogate Intake Coordinator with AFS. I absolutely love having the first contact with potential surrogates, explaining the process and hearing the stories of what brought them to surrogacy. At AFS, we are able to follow right alongside the journeys of our surrogates and it's such a fun experience...

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Team Member Spotlight: Elana

April 15, 2020

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