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Gestational surrogacy isn't just a business to us ~ it's also personal.

Carey Flamer-Powell

Founder & Director

Carey Flamer-Powell is the Director and Founder of All Families Surrogacy, LLC. Carey is an experienced gestational carrier, having delivered a healthy baby boy for a wonderful lesbian couple. Carey's passion for surrogacy began even before she became a gestational carrier; when she and her wife, Michele, conceived their daughter through third-party reproduction. Carey founded AFS with the intention of making surrogacy accessible to all families.
Carey is proud to serve as a Co-Founder and Co-President of the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association (OSPA) and the LGBT Advisor for Parents Via Egg Donation (PVED). She is as an active member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and serves as the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS). Carey studied at Brigham Young University Hawaii and Utah Valley State and has enjoyed a professional career for the last 20+ years, focused on business ownership, legal operations, administrative management, and public relations.

Always keen to further her professional development, Carey has been accepted to Harvard Business School, taking dynamic, executive level online courses that contribute to her successful leadership of AFS. When she's not overseeing the amazing work being done at AFS, Carey enjoys spending time with her wife and young daughter, exploring and adventuring through the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Kaylyn Hawkins

Accounting/Business Manager

Kaylyn Hawkins is the Accounting/Business Manager for All Families Surrogacy, LLC.  

She is responsible for all of the “behind the scenes” operations that keep our company running smoothly, including accounting, reporting, forecasting, managing the workflow for each surrogacy case, and maintaining accurate client files. Kaylyn brings over 18 years of operations and management experience to her role as Business Manager.
As a wife and mother to two small children, Kaylyn values family and loves being part of helping to create new families every day at AFS. Kaylyn and her family live in Portland, Oregon and enjoy spending time at the local museums, parks, beaches and beautiful forests.

Tawni Boedeker

Surrogate Coordinator

As a Surrogate Coordinator, Tawni is responsible for managing all of the day-to-day aspects of each surrogate's journey and ensuring each surrogate has the support they need. She became interested in surrogacy when she was pregnant with her first child after a close friend struggled with infertility and went through the surrogacy process. It’s been an integral part of her life since.  
Tawni brings several years of administrative experience to her position and is also an experienced surrogate. She is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of three boys. She enjoys family trips, watching her boys play sports, exploring the outdoors and game nights in her free time. She also has a passion for animals and adores play time with her labradoodle, Keizer.

Erin Erck

Intended Parent Coordinator

Erin Erck is the Intended Parent Coordinator for All Families Surrogacy, LLC. She is responsible for welcoming prospective parents to AFS, beginning with their initial interview. Erin ensures that each step of a parent's surrogacy journey is successfully completed and well supported.


A love of helping people combined with her passion for the surrogacy community brought Erin to All Families Surrogacy, LLC, first as surrogate herself, and now as a Coordinator. She brings over 10 years in Guest Relations and Administration to her role. Erin is married and the mother of two adventurous children.  In their free time, they enjoy exploring the many parks, beaches, and delicious restaurants of Oregon.

Catherine Sewell

Surrogate Intake Coordinator

Catherine's ("Cat") journey as a surrogate with AFS has given her a passion for equality-led family building. Catherine ensures that the surrogate screening and onboarding process is thorough, well explained, and supported. She loves using her background in business studies and administrative training, as well as her natural people skills, to make sure our surrogates' journeys start off on a high note. 


Cat is a married mom of four; two boys and twin girls. She and her husband enjoy hosting game nights, trying new stinky cheeses with Portland's beer and cider brews, and taking their family on local adventures. When Cat isn't busy with work or family, she can almost always be found in her kitchen whipping up something fun with flour and sugar. 

Courtney Augustin

Operations Assistant

Courtney has been interested in surrogacy since she saw Phoebe on "Friends" carry triplets as a surrogate.  After welcoming 4 of her own children, Courtney knew it was time to help someone else make their family.  In March of 2016, she delivered a beautiful set of twins for an amazing pair of daddies with AFS.


Since the birth, Courtney has been interested in helping other women become surrogates. She assists AFS with various operations duties, including surrogate medical records, operations and financial and escrow assistance. 


Courtney is involved in La Leche League as a volunteer, and enjoys  driving around beautiful  Southern Oregon and finding adventures with her family. 

Elana Alpert

Marketing Coordinator

Elana began her career with AFS as our Intended Parent Coordinator. Since welcoming her first child, she has taken on the role of Marketing Coordinator, supporting our Director and corporate team with all marketing related projects. From events, to advertising, to making sure the AFS brand stands out as stellar in the industry, Elana helps make our marketing efficient and effective.

Elana has years of administrative experience and is a Lamaze-certified childbirth educator. She is extremely passionate about birth and building families in a positive, confident atmosphere. Elana spent several years living abroad and is fluent in Hebrew and English. In her spare time Elana enjoys hiking and being surrounded by nature, swimming, eating and traveling.

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