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Requirements for Intended Parents

All Families Surrogacy welcomes any person or couple desiring to be parents regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, fertility issue, marital status or sexual orientation. We require that our Intended Parents meet the following criteria before registering with our program:

  • Per SEEDS Standards, be willing to have a background check and a psychological evaluation

  • Financially stable and able to afford the costs of surrogacy

  • Be in a stable living situation

  • Have the support of your spouse or partner (if applicable)

  • Do not use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol

Would you like to know what other parents have to say about All Families Surrogacy? Visit our Testimonials & Experiences page to learn about the experiences of parents as well as gestational carriers. 

If you are considering surrogacy as a path to start your new family, we aim to offer a wealth of information to help you to understand the process and to prepare you for all of the different aspects involved in becoming a new parent through surrogacy, and what to expect every step of the way. For more information, take a look at our surrogacy blog, attend one of our upcoming events, keep up with our latest news, or check out our webinars. We welcome you to the amazing journey of surrogacy, and we look forward to meeting you!

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