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Surrogate Series: Happy Smiles

I have just started sharing my decision to be a surrogate with the people in my life. It was something I wondered about before I started on this journey. What would people think about this decision? How would it affect their impression of me? After all, pregnancy is a public thing (I know I couldn’t have hid my baby bumps even if I wanted to), but the choice to be a surrogate feels deeply personal and complex. I have started mentioning it in passing to my coworkers, family members, and acquaintances.

When I was getting a flu shot I mentioned that I’m nervous and excited to start my IVF injection medications. When a coworker was talking about being wistful that she is done having kids I mentioned that I am too, but I’m also looking forward to my surrogate pregnancy.

I’m not sure what I thought people would say, and I’m sure I have some rude surprises to come, but I have been overwhelmed by the positive responses. So far everyone has been curious and excited, asking questions awkwardly and sharing in the joy.

My coworker told me she is excited to be working with me as I go through this experience so she can experience it too. My family worried about my health, and I reminded them about my two recent healthy pregnancies. I don’t think anything could change my stubborn mind now, as I feel fully committed to the two patient, hopeful daddies waiting in Israel, but each validating conversation reminds me how excited I am and makes the whole thing seem a little bit more real.

Surrogacy is a long and exciting journey, and Nicole has invited us to join her for hers from start to finish. Follow along as Nicole shares important milestones and her thoughts along the way.

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