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Navigating International Surrogacy as Intended Parents

If you are international intended parents seeking to create a family through surrogacy, you have the added complexity of gaining citizenship for your baby, moving or preparing for an extended stay abroad, and much more. This article takes a look at what to expect as an international intended parent.

The Challenges of An International Birth

A baby born through surrogacy in the United States will have US citizenship. International parents decide whether to establish local citizenship for the baby as well.

When babies are born overseas, they require extra paperwork in order to travel and live. If the baby requires an immigration visa, this process can prove longer than usual. Intended parents coming from overseas handle all of the paperwork necessary for the baby’s visa with the assistance of their attorney.

Navigating International Surrogacy
Understanding International Surrogacy

Many states in the US, as well as other countries, do not have laws regarding commercial surrogacy or have only recently developed them. The ethics of surrogacy bring about a variety of opinions about how to navigate those agreements, and as a result, wide and varied legislation that can change at any time.

While other countries may be closing down on international adoption, Oregon remains an international hub for commercial surrogacy arrangements. Read more about surrogacy legislation in the United States.

If your state or country is restrictive about surrogacy arrangements, you still have options. It may take some time and research, but there are still agencies that can help you to create the family you’re seeking.

International Arrangements and Surrogates

Surrogates naturally do not want to feel like an unequal part of the equation, but the surrogate-intended parent relationship often transcends borders and time zones. A surrogate working with international intended parents will not have a terribly different experience than a surrogate working with intended parents within the US.

All Families Surrogacy has seen a number of international intended parents and surrogates work together fluidly and develop lifelong friendships. Take a look at Tomer and Lior's experience.

Beginning a family is a journey, and beginning one part of that journey in another country can add another element of complexity. But with the right surrogacy agency, it doesn’t have to. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can navigate international surrogacy with a qualified surrogacy agency, All Families Surrogacy is here to help.

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