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Becoming Intended Parents as Same-sex Male Couples

Deciding to become a parent is a joyful experience, though if you are a male in a same-sex relationship, it might be difficult to decide how to move forward. Will you adopt? Will you look into commercial surrogacy? Some same-sex male couples often choose surrogacy because it is a way to maintain a genetic connection to the child.

Gay men tend to be the largest group of recipients of commercial surrogacy. However, not all agencies cater effectively to this distinct demographic. The biological inability to conceive traditionally can be a great source of anxiety for any intended parent.

Resulting sadness and discontent and can seriously impact a relationship. In fact, the distress of being unable to start a family can significantly contribute to anxiety, depression, and other relationship barriers. Nontraditional families are often the target of a number of additional questions, and you may already be familiar with this experience. Read more about how to explain surrogacy to children and teens.

Handling medical costs

The costs of a surrogacy journey are significant and should be given much thought and consideration before embarking down this path. Many agencies will provide an estimated cost structure to help you plan your journey. To get an idea of surrogacy expenses, take a look here.

The surrogate-intended parent relationship

As an intended parent, you’ll also want to decide how the surrogate will factor into your life. Many surrogate-intended parent relationships end up becoming quite close, like extended family. Read Mariah's story to see how these parents and surrogate developed a lifelong relationship. Often, surrogates and intended parents even decide to go through a second surrogacy process together.

Finding an LGBTQ+ friendly agency

Commercial/gestational surrogacy for gay men is not deeply understood by the general population. A new decade brings about new hope for the future of gay men and surrogacy agreements and legislation. As surrogacy enters popular culture and becomes more accepted, legislation will hopefully shift to welcome this trend.

We have assisted many gay couples, including international and domestic clients,, who have successfully completed the surrogacy process. If you are a gay male or couple interested in becoming a parent, let’s talk about your options. Take a look at our requirements for intended parents and get in touch to discuss your qualifications.

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