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How Much Money do Surrogates Make?

If you are thinking of becoming a gestational surrogate, there are many things you may be thinking of, and usually one of the most frequently asked questions is, "how much money do surrogates make?".

A first-time gestational surrogate gets paid a $40,000 base compensation (all surrogacy-friendly states). An experienced gestational surrogate gets paid a $45,000 base compensation (all surrogacy-friendly states). There are many other fees paid by the intended parents throughout the surrogacy process for a gestational surrogate. While individual circumstances throughout the pregnancy and surrogacy journey may vary, this article is intended to give you the most detailed view of surrogacy compensation.

When Is a Surrogate Paid?

Surrogate compensation at All Families Surrogacy is paid in equal monthly installments after the ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy. This also includes payment for a positive pregnancy test and payments for heartbeat confirmation. This payment structure is true for both first-time and experienced surrogate mothers. Learn more about our surrogate compensation plan here.

What Do Surrogates Get Paid For?

Every surrogate gets paid for the surrogacy journey through base compensation or base pay as well as many other additional payments for things like medical screenings, medical procedures, embryo transfers, childcare, housekeeping, and even lost wages. See our detailed explanation of the All Families Surrogacy compensation structure below.

What other surrogacy costs are covered?

  • A first-time surrogate gets paid $40,000 baseline compensation (all surrogacy-friendly states).

  • An experienced surrogate gets paid $45,000 baseline compensation (all surrogacy-friendly states).

  • $800 transfer fee (for each embryo transfer)

  • Up to $750 for maternity clothes

  • $200 monthly stipend for miscellaneous expenses

  • $5,000 in multiple birth compensation (per additional fetus)

  • $2,500 for Cesarean section

  • $750 for termination or reduction

  • $750 for amniocentesis or other invasive procedures

  • $500 for canceled cycles

  • $500 for mock cycles

  • Lost wages for Carrier and spouse/partner

  • Childcare and housekeeping reimbursement during pregnancy

  • Post-birth recovery bed rest compensation following your pregnancy

  • Doctor ordered bed rest compensation during your pregnancy

  • Postpartum doula care after delivery

The estimate from All Families Surrogacy of total Gestational Carrier Fees is approximately $46,400 - $51,650. There are many variables in the compensation packages that can change this total fee structure. Repeat surrogates are eligible to earn more than first-time surrogates. Total carrier fees vary by situation. The nature of a surrogacy pregnancy is very similar to a personal pregnancy in that some are easier than others, some need different levels and amounts of treatment and medication. All of these factors affect carrier compensation.

Does surrogate pay change depending on where a surrogate lives?

This is another great question we get a lot from our potential surrogates. The compensation is agency-based rather than surrogate location based. Each surrogacy agency has their own set of compensation packages set depending on the requirements of the surrogacy journey and pregnancy.

Ready to help a family and earn surrogate pay?

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please check out our website today to learn about the surrogate pregnancy requirements at All Families Surrogacy. We would love to hear from you and learn more about you and your interest in helping an intended family to become parents.

If you have questions about the surrogate requirements, or you just want to talk to someone from the All Families Surrogacy team, feel free to contact us any time – our contact information is at the bottom of the page) or keep an eye on our Current Events page and sign up for the next Virtual Meetup.

We also have shared access to a recent webinar called “Introduction to Gestational Surrogacy”, where we talk about what surrogacy is, the expectations and experiences of surrogates, as well as a helpful Q&A that was conducted after the webinar.

Check out the links below if you are interested in becoming a gestational carrier or Intended Parent.

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