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Why Choose AFS?

As you may have already learned from your research, there are many surrogacy agencies out there. Many offer basically the same services at similar fees. So how do you tell them apart and choose the right one for you? As with most things in life, we at All Families Surrogacy believe that when it's the right fit, things just "click". Below you will find our mission, passion and commitment to gestational surrogates and intended parents. At All Families Surrogacy,

  • We believe that surrogacy should be accessible to all families.

  • Our agency was founded by an experienced gestational carrier, and is staffed primarily by experienced surrogates.

  • Our Director, Carey Flamer-Powell, is a member of the LGBT community and parent of a child born via third party reproduction. Carey is also a respected leader in the surrogacy community, serving as the Co-President and Co-Founder of the Oregon Surrogacy Professionals Association; the Grievance Committee Chair for the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy; and as the LGBT Advisor for Parents Via Egg Donation.

  • We offer 3 custom programs to suit your unique needs, and have purposely kept our agency fees lower than the industry standard, to make gestational surrogacy more affordable for our Intended Parents.

  • We are hands-on with our clients. No call or email ever goes unanswered and every client is a VIP to us.

  • You will always know where things stand in your surrogacy process.

  • We will make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

  • Our commitment is to make your surrogacy journey not only successful, but also enjoyable.

If you'd like to know what other Gestational Carriers and Intended Parents feel about their experiences with All Families Surrogacy, visit our Testimonials & Experiences page!

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